Anatomy of a Hunting Knife

Analyzing a knife you will note it is made up of quite a few components Just about every with their particular precise capabilities. On this page we will break the knife down into its different parts as follows.

BLADE- employed for slicing, slicing, skinning or stabbing.

Blades can be found in quite a few models and dimensions and are made up of many steels and alloys. The alloys are made by introducing features such as carbon, chromium, manganese, silicone, and molybdenum to metal developing many properties which include hardness and adaptability.

KNIFE GUARD- stops hand from sliding onto blade

The guard is normally manufactured from metal or is an element of the molded manage, becoming big enough to prevent personal injury with the blade.

Manage- used to maintain the knife inside the place needed

Looking knife handles are essential as you need a agency grip around the knife at all times for basic safety and accuracy. Composition of knife handles handle these kinds of items as looks, form, durability and utilitarian use. Samples of components are: Stag, bone, Wooden, G10 (fiberglass), micarta(form of linen), carbon fibre, zytel (thermoplastic), titanium, aluminum, and leather-based.


The pummel is hooked up to the end with the manage and is usually steel. Its primary use is to safeguard the handle conclude from problems. Some pummels have a small storage compartment underneath them for emergencies and Other people Use a built in compass.

SHANK- extension on the blade

The shank is definitely an extension with the blade being fabricated from the exact same material. In modern day knives the blade and shank are stamped hammered or laser cut out of precisely the same piece of metal So offering it additional toughness. The cope with and knife guard hunting knives are hooked up towards the shank via rivets. Consequently allowing the manage, blade and guard to become one device that may be stronger, much more sturdy and safer for that person.

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